The Benefits Of Using Olive Oil

Only the olive oil is the sole type of vegetable oil that can be eaten as is without it being treated after it's first squeeze whether you believe it or not. In addition to that, there are a number of health benefits that it can provide to our body such as the following:

Number 1. It's good for the health of your heart - in reality, the oil is considered to be extremely useful to the health of our heart since this contains high level of unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants that's known to prevent diseases by way of reducing bad cholesterols in the blood while raising good cholesterol. There are no other types of vegetable oils which contain these big quantities of such fatty acids.

Number 2. It is great for the stomach - believe it or not, wholesale olive oil is light on our stomach and it has a protection function at the same time. The oil also has a positive impact for people with gastritis and ulcers and in addition, this has the ability of reducing incidence of having stones in gallbladder.

Number 3. It works nicely for our overall health - according to studies, it showed that antioxidants present in oil ensures protection towards various diseases similar to cancers of intestinal tract, heart disease, skin and breast aside from its role of delaying the signs of aging.

On top of all these benefits, kosher olive oil also has more than one type according to the proportion of treatment applied and these include:

Virgin olive oil - when the olive is second squeeze, this is the result.

Extra virgin olive oil - in reality, this is the best and also, the least processed type of oil in which it is acquired from olive that's first squeezed.

Light olive oil - as for this type of oil, this undergoes several treatments such as refining and filtering. It is easily available in supermarkets in this type of oil.

Extra light olive oil - this type of olive oil is subjected to multiple treatments and has diluted flavors of olives.

As for the storage of this oil, it will be important that you put it in a sealed container in a dark and cool area. And similar to any other kinds of oils, it is subjected to oxidation when exposed to light, air or even heat. You may make use of this oil for cooking but don't try to use it for frying. When buying this kind of oil, be sure that you get to enjoy the natural taste and excellent quality of it. A quick example of this is the extra virgin olive oil; while this is healthy it is also rich in calories so you must be a bit careful when using it.